Braces as a Fashion Statement

Braces as a Fashion Statement

Forget notions of braces being unfashionable – ever heard of geek chic?! Braces can be hot! In fact, there is a real market for fake braces that complete the look. Whether you need braces or simply want the look without the orthodontic element, you can have braces that are as gorgeous as the rest of you. Braces used to be embarrassing, but not anymore. Modern teens all over the world are falling for the cute look that braces can bring. So what do you do when you have straight teeth and want to rock the braces look? Go fake! We wear fake eyelashes, false nails, and push-up bras, so why not false braces? When the quality is good and the wearer is careful, they can be a fun accessory. We all like to fake it now and again!

Fake Braces

Fake fashion braces are a huge trend across Asia, with young people getting the geek chic look despite not needing braces. The idea is that you can wear the false braces like a fashion accessory; put them on and take them off whenever you choose – just like a favorite piece of jewelry, hat, or scarf. The fake teeth braces come in a range of colors and styles so you can accessorize and work the look!

Where Can I Get Fake Braces?

So, the next thing is how to get fake braces. While there are tutorials online that show you how to make your own braces, if you really want the look then you have to think about your safety, so it best to avoid using materials you have around the house to wear in your mouth! Choose the best quality fake braces you can afford from a reputable company and heed any safety warnings that they come with. If you do actually have any problems with your teeth then be careful that the fake braces don’t make the problem worse!

There is bad press around the fashion braces phenomenon because of the dangers posed by poorly made, dangerous braces. So if you choose to embrace the false brace trend, then be extremely careful. Never, ever, sleep with false braces in and think about the risk of swallowing them (don’t do sports while wearing them, avoid trampolines and swimming pools etc…) Remember that the braces are a fashion accessory – you can wear them all the time like a real brace wearer can. Treat them with care and get rid of them as soon as you think they might be damaged or impaired in any way. At the end of the day you wear false braces at your own risk – so don’t take any chances.


Whether you need braces to give you gorgeous straight teeth and a stunning smile, you love the braces look, or you are an awesome friend and are getting fake braces in solidarity with your brace-wearing BFF… braces can be gorgeous. Choose the color and style you love and rock the braces look! Just remember to be safe and don’t get carried away in a trend – be yourself and love your individuality. It’s all about the look you love.

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