Braces-Friendly Recipes

Braces-Friendly Recipes

If you have had braces for a while, are new to wearing braces, or are considering having braces fitted, then the question, ‘what can I eat with braces?’ has probably crossed your mind once or twice. Well, firstly, rest assured that you don’t have to worry too much – braces don’t have to make a huge difference to what you eat. You might need to be a little careful in the early days, and there may be foods you want to avoid, but with just a little bit of extra consideration you will be able to enjoy most of your favorite meals just as you did before.

Food to Avoid with Braces

Every brace wearer differs; some avoid meat while others can happily handle a steak. It is all about getting used to what you are happy and comfortable with. When your braces have just been fitted or just after having them tightened, avoid hard foods, sticky foods or those that will require extra brushing. Your teeth have just been through a bit of an ordeal and need a rest! In time, you will find that you may want to peel fruit and vegetables more as the skin can become stuck in the braces. You might find that you swap tougher cuts of meat for softer options and you might prefer your food a little cooler than before if your teeth feel sensitive. Foods that typically get stuck in the braces include corn, sugary foods, stringy meat or fruit such as ribs or citrus fruit and nuts and seeds. And remember these two things: 1) the best food for braces will be cut up small to minimize biting, and 2) take on board the advice your dentist has given you to get the best out of the braces.

Food to Eat with Braces

Here are a few braces-friendly recipes that will provide you with tasty, nutritious meals that are suitable for wearing braces and that can be enjoyed even when the teeth or gums feel tender. Minimal chewing required! Perfect for those early days after fitting or tightening.

A Bracing Breakfast

Swap crunchy cereals and granola for softer oatmeal with this tasty breakfast that the whole family can enjoy, not just those with braces.


⅓ cup Rolled oats
1 cup Milk
1 tablespoon Honey
½ finely mashed Banana
½ teaspoon Cinnamon


Add the milk and oats to a saucepan and heat over a medium heat. Bring to a boil then reduce the heat and simmer until the milk has been absorbed.
Transfer into a bowl and stir the mashed banana, honey, and cinnamon through the oats.

People-Pleasing Picnic

To create a lunch or dinner that will serve those with braces and those without, create a platter with a range of braces-friendly foods. Arrange them nicely and allow everyone to enjoy the foods they choose – that way, whether you have just had braces fitted and are feeling tender, or you don’t have braces at all, you can find something to enjoy.

Suggested Ingredients

Slices of apple, peeled – sweet but not sticky
Strawberries – good for your teeth
Olives – tasty and salty with no biting required
Soft Cheeses – calcium without the ouch
Hummus Dip – delicious, nutritious, and smooth
Smooth Salsa Dip – simply blend your favorite salsa to avoid lumps
Smooth Yoghurt Dip – cooling on the gums
Hard Boiled Eggs – easy to eat, lots of protein
Toasted Pita Bread for dipping – easy to bite
Soft bread, cut into chunks – soft and gentle on the mouth
Cooked meats, chopped up – no need to avoid meat, just prepare with care

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