Just Got Braces? 5 Top Tips!

Just Got Braces? 5 Top Tips!

Braces take time to get used to and there are lots of things you have to remember in the early days. By taking some precautions, listening to your dentist, and taking good care of your teeth and braces, you can get the most out of the time you spend wearing braces and make it as easy and comfortable as possible. The most important thing is to focus on how lucky you are that your teeth can be corrected and made straighter by your braces – if you feel tender, fed up, or self-conscious, then remind yourself how much worse it would be if you had no way to fix your teeth problems and get that beautiful smile you are on your way to. Here are our top tips for braces.

1.     Give Yourself Time

You won’t get used to your new braces overnight, in fact it might take weeks before you are used to them. The trick is to be patient while your mouth and your mind both get accustomed to them. During this transition period, you really need to focus on why you are wearing braces and remind yourself again and again that they will be worth it. Don’t be afraid to chat with your dental practitioner if you are feeling uncomfortable after the first week, and if you are in pain you have every right to get in touch and just make sure that everything is ok. They might want to check the fit, and they might just reassure you – either way, you’ll be glad you called.

2.     Listen to Your Dentist

There’s no point in having your dentist fit you with braces and then forgetting the advice that goes with them. Trust your dentist and if you think you might forget the advice they have given you, ask if they can write down some guidelines for you. If you think of anything you need to know, then call and ask and they will guide you – after all that’s their job.

3.     Get Your Vitamins

Give your teeth the best chance to heal and be healthy by getting all the vitamins you need. Vitamin C will really help, so try to get lots of foods rich in vitamin C in your diet – rather than acidic citrus juices try broccoli, spinach, and kiwis for high levels of vitamin C without the acid or sugar content.

4.     Brush More

Knowing how to clean teeth with braces is important. Brush your teeth 4 times a day instead of twice a day. Not only will this keep your teeth lovely and clean, and your breath fresh, it will also remove any traces of food which can get stuck in the braces. When cleaning your teeth with the braces on, take care and be careful but thorough. Rinse your mouth first and then brush as you would have done without the braces. Knowing how to clean braces is important too; tilt the brush, gently brush the bottoms of the braces and then the tops. See your dentist for regular cleaning sessions too.

5.     Stop Nibbling!

One of the things that might surprise you when you first have braces fitted is how many things you used your teeth for (other than eating of course). Things like biting your nails, opening packaging with your teeth, and even nibbling on pens or pencils when deep in thought can all be disastrous for your teeth and dangerous for your braces. Try to avoid doing any of these things: not only do you run the risk of hurting your teeth, you could damage the braces and have to go through the fitting process all over again.

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