Kissing with Braces

Kissing with Braces

Braces don’t have to make kissing more difficult – they can make it more fun. With some precautions and a little care, kissing with braces is no more complicated than kissing without braces – although lots of practicing might be helpful (and fun)!

Kissing with braces is all about learning what works for you and what doesn’t. Here are our top tips for how to kiss with braces.

1.     It Will Feel Different

Whether you are extremely experienced or have only just started to think about kissing, bear in mind that it is slightly different than kissing without braces. It’s only natural that it will feel a little different – just as wearing a tongue piercing will make kissing different. Instead of feeling self-conscious, take our word for it that lots of people are very keen to try out kissing with braces, and many find braces really cute. Why would you be kissing someone who didn’t like braces anyway? Be confident – and look forward to learning whole new ways of kissing when the braces come off again!

2.     Start Slowly

It is important to take it slowly. Experiment with how much pressure you are happy with – lips pressed too hard can push against the braces and feel uncomfortable. Taking it slowly will also make you feel more comfortable and will reassure your partner that they are not hurting you (or going to hurt themselves!) Be gentle with tongues as well as teeth. If two people with braces kiss, it is extremely unlikely that they will get locked together! This is much more likely to happen on TV! But if you are kissing a fellow bracewearer, just be careful not to bang teeth.

3.     Get the Angle Right

Tilting your head can help you both to avoid bumping teeth together. If you approach your partner head-on, you may underestimate the distance when moving closer and your teeth may bump into theirs. This can cause a little soreness, or can be a little embarrassing. Tilting your head to the side makes this less likely to happen and it makes for a more romantic kiss anyway!

4.     Explore the Braces

Allow your partner to explore the braces with their tongue if they want to. Don’t feel uncomfortable – people pay a lot of money for tongue piercings for exactly this reason so if your partner is fascinated, enjoy it! Remind them to be careful and gentle and take it as a compliment.

5.     Wax!

No, not that kind of waxing! Wax for braces makes everything so much smoother. Using wax designed for braces will reduce the risk of snagging, will make the braces feel smoother, and will feel so much nicer. All of which leads to better kissing!

While we are discussing what to wear – wax isn’t the only thing. Girls – don’t forget your lipstick. Some girls ditch their lipstick when they get braces so as not to draw attention to them. But now that braces are a fashion essential, be bold with your lip makeup and enjoy making a statement.

Just one more thing… pucker up!

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